The 22nd bead

A quiet lounge at the Delhi airport, Terminal 2. I was strolling around waiting for GoAir to open their counters for check in. I was in a contemplative state. When the counters opened, I checked in and proceeded to the security check points. Here I had to remove my irrationality bracelet and keep it in... Continue Reading →


The indelible mark of marks Watch the video before reading further. SPOILERS AHEAD! The video features a clearance sale a week before exams, where students are selling their hobby artifacts for free because their parents feel that scoring marks is more important than pursuing their hobbies. Kind of a more permanent version of ‘no TV and no cable... Continue Reading →

Why don’t we get high on Idli and Dosa?

Two weeks ago, my 9th-grade student and I were discussing the synthesis of alcohol by the process of fermentation. After going through the synthesis reactions in detail, our discussion moved to other instances of fermentation in our everyday experience. She immediately recognised Idli and Dosa batter formation and we wound up the conversation agreeing to... Continue Reading →

Happy Parenting

Parenting requires tremendous commitment on our parts and our children are certainly worth it. Even with an understanding of the five messages of positive parenting, being a good parent is not easy. It doesn’t work when we treat children as if they are innocent and good one day and then spank them for being bad... Continue Reading →

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