Recently, I read this:

‘Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.’

But, I cannot agree with it. Should it be not:

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, preach.”

Most of us use ‘teach’ and ‘preach’ probably interchangeably and is the cause for confusion. To set it right probably we should define:

Preach: Those who expect their version of the stories to be heard without any questioning.
Teach: Those who accept the version of stories told to them allowing every question in the ongoing process.

Probably the words mentioned in italics is the source of misconception for the statement which we started with.


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  1. “Into a blind darkness they enter who follow after the Ignorance, they as if into a greater darkness who devote themselves to the Knowledge alone.” – Isha Upanishad

    This is the translation from a couplet from Isha Upanishad. Notice the word “ALONE” in the end which has been the cause of confusion. People have dropped this word and have misinterpreted it saying that “it is better to be ignorant rather than to pursue knowledge”!!



  2. I am fully in agreement with this fact…Infact we need to understand the real pathos between “preach” and “teach”…The day we stop questioning the deeds, we all would descend towards a darkness; wheater the darkness is of knowledge or even living style.
    Consider this that Indians in particular were said to be one of the biggest civic planners and its very evidence shines out from Harrapa and Mohenjedaro excavations. But look at our cities today where we go after preaching and lack the dearth of good knowledge. I guess history has to teach us that we should teach and question things rather than preach and follow a blind vision..!


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