Dilemma in decision making process

What would you do in this situation?

There are two railway tracks passing by a city. One of them being in use and the other in disuse. Further, a train can change track to the other track that is not being used in emergency.

On a bright sunny day kids have come out to play and are playing on the tracks. There is one kid playing on the track that is in disuse. But there are ten kids playing on the track that is being in use.

A train is fast approaching towards children but the kids are unaware of it (you may wonder how, but let us believe it is so!) and the train cannot be stopped within the distance available. You cannot blow whistle and warn them as unfortunately the whistle has stopped working!

The driver of the train has two options and you have to help him decide on this dilemma:

1: Go on the track that is in use and kill 10 kids OR

2. Shift the track to the one in disuse and kill only 1 kid.

Will you help the driver decide providing justifications for the option you choose?


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