Funny Guy

This is a recent incident in which i was part of..

These days i travel in a school bus for a program with students. One of these days, I got into the bus and with the usual exchanging of pleasantries with kids in the bus I settled into my seat.

Usually, I keep a book to read during the travel. Sometimes I get into chatting with kids. On this eventful day, i picked up a chat with one of the kid and a few others joined. After sometime, I heard myself listening to one of them who said, “you know, you are a funny guy”.

I was aghast with that statement. I felt exasperated. I thought what does this “guy” mean…

After I collected myself, I asked him what did he mean by that. And he said, with the same ease, “because you tell a lot of jokes”.


I was dumbfounded; not so much for the fact that he used a word which could mean different things. But, once upon a time, (as many have vouched for it) I was a serious, uninteresting, boring and dull person; ever speaking science and nothing but science.

I here got a remark that proved me otherWISE!!


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