Goal and Dream

We are all told to have a goal in our life as a goalless life is not worth living. Goals set directions in our academic, professional, and personal pursuits. Setting a goal is all about visualising oneself how one would like to be, say, 10 years later. This requires us to think ahead of the immediate present. One needs to think of the long term. One needs to think beyond the short term, say, 6 months to a year.

When one has decided on a goal and has started “walking on the path“, one should keep that GOAL in mind at all times during this phase of ‘walking on the path’. This requires one to dream about it. One should have it in their ‘flesh and blood‘. The approach should be at all levels of one’s being – the physical: Work for it at all times; the emotional – Feel it at all times; the intellectual – Think about it at all times.

Furthermore, in the Indian classification of the states of awareness we find the waking state, the dream state, the deep sleep state and the ‘turiya‘ (have not found an equivalent english word for it). Stating the above in this scheme is to say that in all the four states of one’s awareness we are to have our GOAL and DREAM with us.

Find below the poem on DREAM that captures this idea. I will not decide it is rhyme or reason that is penned below!


When one falls asleep, inevitable are the dreams,
Many while away their time in day-Dreaming,
Should one then stop dreaming?

Dream, dream big say quite a few,
How to dream, what to dream,
And what is the dynamics of a dream?

Yet dream shouldst thou.
For in dreams one finds
The fount Of success and fame.

Dreams shall set the goal for Life,
Dreams shall set the pace for work,
Dreams shall provide a challenge for the mind.

Dreams are the mantra for one’s progress.
So, stop not till you fulfil your Dream.


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