Math Lab

“Maths is the queen of sciences”, said the Prince of Mathematicians, Carl Freidreich Gauss. Being the queen, the subject is not accessible to all but a few who are very close to her. Many are in awe of the subject. The magic of producing numbers and shapes and relationships have led to an unknown fear amongst some of us. This has led many cultures to believe that is even a sort of black magic. This esoteric subject is believed to be accessible to the fortunate few and barred from the rest.

Not any more. Many successful mathematicians and teachers have broken that myth and created pathways of learning that make this beautiful subject appreciable by everyone. Demonstrations in Maths focuses on dispelling myths related to the subject, creating interest in the subject, nurture mathematical skills, develop mathematical intuition through exploratory approach. It also helps in some measure to remove the difficulty of abstraction that is associated with the subject by providing a concrete approach.

– Dr. Srivatsa S K

Director, Research & Development


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