Mind Mapping

Research in brain sciences has revealed many facets of our thinking process. This has led us to consider the seat of creative processes in the brain. Mr. Tony Buzan and Mr. de Bono have created methods, powerful approaches, and exercises that help make this into a habit of an individual. Understanding the patterns of neuron connections that form the memory and hence knowledge in us has led to identification of a form of thinking known as radial thinking. This form when penned on paper is known as mindmapping. These days you can download a free software (freemind) to do the same on the computer.

All of us have random thoughts but mindmaps help organise them enabling structured thinking. This has been proven to be of great help to clarify concepts, ideas and their interrelationships for one and all in the classroom setting. This then must help students as the pedagogical skills of a teacher is greatly enhanced after they are trained to practice their learning in this form of thinking.

– Dr. Srivatsa S K

Director, Research & Development


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