Phases in Life

There are various phases in life of an individual. These phases can be characterised by various parameters. For the day let me just put the onus on the physical aspect – the age of an individual.

Typically, we have the phases to be from birth to death as Kid, Adolescent, youth, middle age, and old age. Once i did consider what is it that drives all of us through these phases! Or rephrasing, as we all go pass these various phases what (energy, spirit) drives us through them all.

My thoughts flowed once from my pen (literally) and I wrote which i rewrite here for the e-version.


A KID is born and sees the world round
Crying when the mother-mine not around,
Feeling all that is there is mine,
Anything full of colour is fine.

Growing into an ADOESCENT was fun
And frolick, giving time a run.
Playing with friends, fighting for mine
All day running down the ravine.

Reaching the YOUTH for good,
Playing with ideas for food,
Thinking of I, Me and Myself,
Mining thoughts of the self.

Crossing the river of life,or
Walking on the knife,
The MIDDLE AGE passes finding an abode,
Yet one finds oneself at the cross road.

Growing graciously into OLD AGE is best,
Ailment is part of life next,
Lest be this phase suffering only,
One is blessed with a huge family.

From birth to death life flows,
From kid to old age the body grows,
All the while spent in the aging self,
None has time to speak of the ageless Self!


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