Team BrainSTARS on FM Rainbow, Bangalore

BrainSTARS on PodOmatic
BrainSTARS on PodOmatic

BrainSTARS’ Co-founder and Director, R&D Dr. Srivatsa SK and President, Communications & Relationships Anupama Prakash were live on air today to talk about BrainSTARS and STARS OF NOVEMBER with Anupama of FM Rainbow, Bangalore . Click on the PodOmatic icon above and give a listen!



2 thoughts on “Team BrainSTARS on FM Rainbow, Bangalore

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  1. Hi Prashant,

    Thanks for your encouraging words. Will require all your support in the coming days.. I am sure with these inspiring words me and the BrainSTARS’ team will be full of energy to take this idea forward.


  2. Hi Vatsa,

    Very nice interview. I should say I enjoyed it very much. It was as if you were explaining me over the phone. I should also point out that you guys are doing a great job in terms of science education. What I like about your efforts is that you guys are contributing towards making a scientifically sound future society. Improving public understanding of science is one of the greatest challenges we have at our hands. Gross inequalities of our society can be dealt effectively when people embrace science truthfully. I hope your efforts will go a long way in this direction. Good luck.



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