Live blogging – STARS OF NOVEMBER

5:00 PM – STARS OF NOVEMBER comes to an end now. It was a wonderful day We thank our participants and visitors who made it a great day for BrainSTARS. This is just the beginning. We have more exciting stuff coming up. Watch this space.

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4:30 PM – Our two distinguished judges (we will put up their profiles online tomorrow) have announced the three winners – Vidyaniketan for Mathematics; Silicon City Public School for Science; and Primus Public School for Technology. We will put up their winning entries first thing tomorrow. Congratulations to the winners and to all participants.

4:15 PM – Our second Treasure Hunt winner is St. Paul’s School. Congratulations!

3: 45 PM – Our Treasure Hunt winner is Acharya Pathashala School. Congratulations!

3:10 PM – It’s time to draw up the list of participating schools (in no particular order):

  1. Gurukul – Space Objects by Kavyashree S and Ashmitha S
  2. Janak Vidyalaya – Space Objects by Shreyas G T and Sheikh Yusuf
  3. Silicon City Public School – Depleting Resource of Energy by Neha A and Adeeba Anjum
  4. St. Pauls English School – Life and Light by Haritha and Sandhya
  5. St. Miras High School – Depleting Resource of Energy by Rachana V Patil Kulkarni and Arbiya Khanum
  6. St. Miras High School – Space Objects by Surya S and Sarah Nisar
  7. Auden Public School – Building Blocks of Matter by Aditya D G and Akul S Anandar
  8. Gurukul – Mathematics in Daily Life by Vinosha W and Shashidhar
  9. Capitol Public School – Mathematics in Daily Life by Sanju Verma and Ganesh Patidar
  10. R V Public School – Mathematics in Daily Life by Nikhilesh and Govardhan
  11. Janak Vidyalaya – Mathematics in Daily Life by Ajay Naik N and Shak Keval Vijaykumar
  12. St. Pauls English School – 3D Models in Mathematics by Rajath and Sneh
  13. Mitra Academy –  3D Models in Mathematics by Siddharth Srivatsa and Arpan Jhawar
  14. Vidyaniketan School
  15. Presidency School (East) – Lasers by Karthik Kenny and Akash Sairam
  16. Primus Public School – Science of Music and Noise by Zankhit and Ramya Satish
  17. Primus Public School – Science of Diagnosis by Abhishek Nair and Mihir Chatre
  18. Silicon City Public School – Modern Communication by Md. Saquib Ahmed and Saba Fathima
  19. Mitra Academy – Nanotechnology by Ashwin G and Poojith Prakash
  20. Little Flower Public School – Nanotechnology by Anand Krishnan and Nikhil Vashisht
  21. Little Flower School – Science of Diagnosis by Anirudh MB and Anirodh GJ
  22. Presidency School (South) – Nanotechnology by Zohair Shafi and Arjun KV Moola
  23. Vidyaniketan School
  24. Auden Public School – Nanotechnology by Karthik S and Anirudh D Arya
  25. VET High School – Modern Communication by Rahul M and Nagasai GG

3:00 PM – Let’s have a look at our KQ hut.

2: 25 PM – 25 teams were buzzing around during the first half of the day, trying to crack clues for the Treasure Hunt. Only one team managed to find the treasure.

2:15 PM – STARS OF NOVEMBER footfall – 600+ students till now.

2:05 PM – There are 31 teams here at STARS OF NOVEMBER from various schools in Bangalore. They are showcasing projects under three major themes: Technology, Science and Mathematics.

1:10 PM – More than 200 school children have taken our KQ test. The highest score till now is 0.94. KQ score range is from 0 – 1.

What happened while we were figuring out our internet connections and laptops? Our KUDUMS QUOTIENT is a big HIT. Music Workshop is full of young enthusiasts. And the projects by our participants have got a big thumbs up from the crowd. Here are some pictures from our BrainSTARS forum where we have puzzles and experiments running right now:

Here, Kanchan is doing an experiment called ‘How much air do you exhale?’.

Sunaadha is experimenting with colours.

And Jahnavi is introducing our young visitors to puzzles and our famous INFINITY KIT.

12:35 PM – Sorry for the delay. We were trying to resolve work stations issue. We are full on now!

11:05 AM – After the first origami workshop kids flew their paper planes, the second batch is about to begin.

11:00 AM – Music workshop has started!

10:55 AM – Music workshop about to start.

10:50 AM – Origami workshop is ON!

10:45 AM – 31 teams are currently showcasing their projects. More than 200 school children have trooped in.

10:30 AM – STARS OF NOVEMBER is live now! The BrainSTARS forum is buzzing with activity – various chemistry and physics experiments being performed right now. We will shortly have visual evidence 🙂


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    1. Poojith, “till now” is a live-blogging status, recording the data available at the time mentioned in the post. It doesn’t reflect later scores which were higher that 0.94. We will check whether we can publish the score list.


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