Stars of November – A Science Carnival

Stars of November: A Science Carnival on the 29 November 2011 at Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Bangalore was an eventful day for BrainSTARS and the participating schools. The event encouraged secondary school children to present models from wide ranging topics from science, math and technology to a large and diverse audience. Projects ranged from simple to complex dynamic models. Children demonstrated high sense of commitment to their presentations. The exhibits were carefully curated and treated each as a work of art.

1000+ visitors benefited from this event. Young and curious minds took to participate in a BrainSTARS designed treasure hunt. Each clue led them closer to their treasure as they succeeded in solving scientific and mathematical puzzles as hints to successive leads. An interactive kiosk gave nearly 400 participants to try out their Kudums Quotient (is a score derived from the unique KUDUMS TEST designed and developed by BrainSTARS). Children also got a chance to explore large scale magnetic puzzles and exercise their visual, spatial and body kinesthetics at the carnival.

SEED- Science Education through Exploratory Demonstrations one of the key programmes of BrainSTARS engaged all participants through the carnival to get a hands on feel for learning the sciences in a fun-filled manner. Mr. Gopi Madhav, kindled the spirit of music and exploration of science and math through play while Mr. V.S.S.Shastry folded and cut papers to skillfully engage the participants to give them a hands on feel of origami and kirigami. Student participants enjoyed the origami session in particular as they explored making simple aero dynamic paper models and flew them in the open space.

Stars of November was followed by Science and Mathematics Learning: A Closed Room Assembly on Science Education in India on the 3rd December 2011 at the Woodlands Hotel, Bangalore. The evening was attended by 250 participants; school children, teachers, science educators, school management, partners and parents. The event started with an in-house theatrical production called ‘Journey of Time’ directed by Swar Thounaojam. The 20 minute performance was a one man act by Dr.Sriraghavan on the idea of ‘time’ and its multiple connotations. This was followed by Dr. Srivatsa presenting the current scenario of school education and the growing expectations in the field. In continuation a panel discussion was led by Prof Shankar Venkatagiri and Mr.T.R.Anantharamu moderated by Dr. Aruna Krishnamurthy. Panel presentations raised discussions around the changing needs of classroom teaching methodologies versus challenges of teachers to meet their institutional/professional demands. The discussion opened out to enthusiastic parents and independent educators stressing the need for best practices for child centered teaching as supposed to over or under play the use of technology in classrooms. The discussion concluded on a high note on the importance of building ‘scientific temper’ as the need of new age science learning in the country.

Judges short-list of the best presentations from the Stars of November Carnival were invited to present once again at the Closed Room Assembly for the benefit of parents, teachers and managements attending the event. The award ceremony congratulated the winners with a trophy and certificate. CEO- Mr.Ravi Shankar delivered the closing address.

– Anupama Prakash

President, Communications & Relationships


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