Understanding Astronomy: AstroTalk

Astronomy is the study of celestial objects. The fascination of astronomy has not left any one untouched. The hot glow of the sun to the twinkling of the stars, the size of the earth to the vast expanse of the Universe has influenced poets and physicists alike. In order to bring this beautiful subject in to the learning experience of a student, we at Brainstars conduct “AstroTalk”.

The objective of the programme is to create awareness about the subject as well as to develop Scientific Temper. AstroTalk provides a platform for the student to explore the unknown universe with expert guidance and understand the thought processes necessary to further their study in the same field. The sessions also emphasise on the interconnectivity between subjects and encourage the students to appreciate all the subjects they are learning at school.

The participants explore Formation of Stars, Evolution of Galaxies, Story of the formation of Solar System, The Physics of Black holes, Nature of Exotic stars and many more exciting topics in these sessions. These sessions bring out the science behind celestial observations and encourage the eradication of blind beliefs that have prevailed across cultures over centuries.

During the sessions, members in the audience are encouraged to question their long held baggage of belief systems in light of scientific explanations. A simple situation explained during the sessions is the concept of eclipse and the myths surrounding it. AstroTalk scientifically explains many such astronomical  phenomena. It has been observed that many a times the participants are caught in a dilemma between their long standing beliefs and scientific understanding. A common misconception that prevails in the minds of the general public is the idea of Heaven and Hell. During AstroTalk, visuals of space are presented to the audience which initiates discussions on their misconceptions. Such impromptu discussions are highlights of AstroTalk.

AstroTalk integrates PowerPoint presentations, interactive activities, Q and A sessions along with vivid photographs and videos. Nearly 200 AstroTalk sessions have been conducted till date with varied audiences ranging from students to teachers, corporate gatherings to general public and urban schools to rural interiors. No matter who the audience is, AstroTalk succeeds in captivating them.

– Dr. Sriraghavan S M

President, Education & Collaborations


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