Real, mystical yet questionable space

Space has always caught the attention of many in a number of ways. From scientists, researchers with an interest in earth observations, geodesy, astronomy and many more to a common man’s popular interest in Star-Trek series, movies, comics, merchandise etc. All in all, space is said to be the final frontier in reel to real life. I wonder how  people with different interests would respond to the idea of space being the final frontier.

For example, if I were to respond on the idea of evolution as an astronomy enthusiast, I would say, journey to other planets as the logical next step. This would mean humans would be exposed to a new set of environments and would be compelled to adapt.

For an explorer, the journey to discovery is the frontier. With a simple telescope man has sighted objects 10 billion light years away. Wonder what he may find now.

With the sun reaching midway of its life and the surface temperature increasing over million years, earth at its current position will no longer be able to sustain life. Meaning, man has to look for alternate solutions for his very existence. The human mind has no choice than to explore all possibilities of science and technology on earth to fight for his survival.

With surging world politics, any country ahead in space research will stand tall as the super power and the others forced to become allies or adversaries, making life more complex on earth. Economic and social gaps grow wider and humanity becomes questionable. Adding to that a country such as ours which holds religious faith to its utmost strength may become dubious and precarious of its actions as explorations and discoveries of space begin to unravel the mysticism of the nine realms or the navagraha in ways disappointing and disagreeable to many.

Less said the better as I begin to wonder about the future that lies ahead of us and how each of us see it.

– Dr. Sriraghavan S M

President, Education & Collaborations


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  1. Hi Raghu,

    Nice writeup. Delightful reading. As I understand , we have been able to discover a lot of stuffs in space. However, we have been quite poor in exploration. We haven’t been able to land to the nearest planet. As to some estimates, there are billions of galaxies and we haven’t been able to go to mars (I mean manned mission). Space exploration is the logical next step for our survival as a species. It is indeed a challenge to allocate resource for survival or exploration.

    For instance, in India it is an enormous challenge to justify exploration when 400-500 millions live under one or the other form of poverty. It is the nature of the problem. A slum dweller in mumbai will find it ridiculous if he finds out that millions of rupees is being spent on space exploration. He votes for the government to solve his basic needs.

    This is where good and smart politics comes into play. Politics by nature depends on people’s needs. Smart politics is when people’s needs are combined with the greater goals. How best a nation can achieve smart politics depends on smart people at the helm. Getting smart people at the helm is not easy.

    In my opinion, this is a slow and steady evolution. 400 years ago people were executed for believing that earth is round. It took 400 years for the Pope to apologise for condemning Galileo for heresy.

    In the end no one knows future. Future is mystery.

    Best wishes



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