Universal Brotherhood – an astronomer’s view

Mother earth as we call her, is an embodiment of compassion and love. All creatures are provided with opportunities and nourishment, but where did she get all the materials and matter to sustain such a diverse ecosystem? I am awe struck by the fact that earth is a huge bundle of chemicals just as we all are.

All the elements listed in the periodic table are constantly found at various locations on this planet. Astronomers from as early as the Nineteenth century discovered that even the sun (our very own star) which is our primary source of energy contains almost all the elements that was listed in the periodic table, and another amazing fact is that the star and the planets going around it are of almost the same chemical composition.

The obvious question that follows now is, “where did these chemicals come from?”

Over the last five centuries, the human race has been working exhaustively in search for a scientific explanation for the above question. The obsession for digging into this question started after Galileo ignited the scientific revolution by systematically studying the nature and questioning things that were supposed to be common sense. The scientific community as we call it today has been exploring the universe through some simple theories and some other really complex ones.

Today in the new science era of the 21st Century where man has technically reached the edge of the solar system, new questions emerge about the formation of the Sun and the Solar System. To find answers to these questions we have to go 10 billion years ago, the time which is approximately four billion years after the Big Bang which we theorize to have created the universe. The current understanding is that around 10 billion years ago a super massive star (a star much larger than the sun) evolved into a red super giant and exploded into a Supernova leaving behind enough materials to form our current Sun and the solar system.

The materials that the Supernova left behind contained Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, Silicon and few other elements. This huge cloud of gas and dust was the space where our Sun and the solar system were formed. Subsequently began the life of our Sun. As of today, approximately five billion years of the sun’s life has passed so is the life of our earth. All the elements, in the things around us were formed or were synthesized in the core of the exploded star 10 billion years ago. We could say at an elemental level, the composition of all the matter in our solar system was synthesized once at the same place, a clear indicator of a Universal Brotherhood!

Since the formation of the Earth, it has not been able to increase its chemical composition; suggesting that the cycle of life has to continue as it is today, to what it was yesterday, to what it will be tomorrow, just like “The Law of Conservation of Energy”.  People have to die in order to support new life; species have to go extinct to make way for the new ones. The balancing events take place since the amount of carbon that earth can supply is fixed and has to be conserved. Having said that, it can be stated that, “the atoms of carbon that were once in Newton’s body, today might be in you and I or in some another species.” This truly is a lesson on Universal Brotherhood.


– Dr. Sriraghavan S M


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3 thoughts on “Universal Brotherhood – an astronomer’s view

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  1. Ah, Some food for thought !!

    Immortality and reincarnation explained in one shot !!

    One ‘related’ announcement : I am proud to announce that some of the carbon atoms in my body are from Aristotle, the greek philosopher. I am, however not so proud to announce that the same atoms earlier existed in the excreta of a Tyranosaurus Rex that lived in Africa. (This probably explains my mood swings – sometimes very philosophical and sometimes downright sh…t !!).

    Regarding the simultaneous synthesis of the elements in the Supernova core:
    Well, I guess there were a zillion trillion quintillion electrons, protons, neutrons (Higgs bosons too !) involved in somekind of a ‘random tandav’ in the hot swirling plasma soup !
    In a situation like this, by sheer statistical possibility, they would have tried to join in a million different ways / combinations to form the elements.
    If all of them were stable, we would probably have had a periodic table that wouldn’t fit in microsft Excel.

    Fortunately for us (and our school students) only a hundred odd had ‘stable’ structures ‘ that remained as ‘atom’s. The rest of them in the ‘transuranic’ region couldn’t hold on to themselves.
    Universal brotherhood alright…but also ‘survival of the fittest’ !!

    (PS: I chanced upon your site during my internet wanderings. Your work and thoughts sounded interesting ….hence this ‘intrusion’ into ‘your space’. If you think this is ‘rude’ and ‘irritating’ you can ask me to ‘shut up’ )


    1. Thanks “Uncle” for feasting on our food for thought.
      Your “intrusion” is more than welcome. We are glad to have aroused your interest in our work and thoughts. So, no worries – comment away!


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