Nagar Map @ Jaaga | NumberNagar first pre-launch event

6.45pm: We are wrapping up our first NN event and Varun agreed to pose with your our kite 🙂 Thank you, Varun. And right below the photo, we give you our NN song lyrics written by the awesome Kaveri. It has been a wonderful evening. Thank you to all who have turned up. As usual Team BrainSTARS was phenomenal. Next stop: Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum on Kasturba Road on Wednesday, 05 December from 10.30 AM – 1PM. See you there. Call Pavan for more details: 9663090123.


The NumberNagar Song

Nodu baa NumberNagar| Aadu baa NumberNagar

Auto hatkond, meter haakond, Archimedes circleninda

Pythagoras Palyag hogi, Full meals hodeyoNa.

Guass galeeli toorikonDu, Ramanujan series kanDu

Gandhi Bazaar dose tindu lekka haakona

Nodu baa NumberNagar| Aadu baa NumberNagar

Chakradalli circles yella |gaalipatadal angles yella

Paani puri gaadiyalli Quadrilateral haaduthaithe

Beralal saavra gatle number| Zero story on a paper

Clocksnalli centuries and millennia haaduthaithe

Nodu baa NumberNagar| Aadu baa NumberNagar

Mathadi math aadi Everybody


6.30PM: You have listened to the NN song now, right? Prakruthi got an enthusiastic bunch of kids to remix, recreate and rephrase the song. This is Tune your Maths 101 🙂


6PM: Have you listened to our NumberNagar song? Here you go:

5.30PM: The Nagar Map is also a puzzle map. Some of our participants were given one minute to solve the puzzle of a city by placing missing parts and learning the Maths concepts behind those pieces.


5PM: What are they looking at? Actually, they are looking and counting. Yes, each counted number of autos, cars, buses, etc. To do what? Scroll down to see what.


They did the counting to create a graph. And look at the colourful graph this girl has made.


And this is Prerana’s graph.


4.40PM: We also got the parents to do some Maths with Raghu. We gave a very special number 43093700000 and asked them to guess what the number is all about. The guesswork was fun but as no guess came quite close to the right answer, we had to reveal what was behind the number. Can you guess? No. Ok, we will tell you. This number is the amount due to BBMP for the year 2012-2013 from various institutions and business set-ups. Like parking fees, property taxes, etc. Now the participants were asked to find the ratio of each of the amount an institution has to pay BBMP with respect to the final sum. Also, using the Bangalore population of 85 lakhs (2011 census), they were asked to work out how much each one of us would have to pay BBMP if the public have to pony up the dues? They estimated that the amount due will be 5070 rupees per person.

We also gave them a small take home activity: They need to estimate the time taken to count this money at the rate of 1000 per second. Can you also do it?


4:30PM: So let’s have a look at the activities, right. Here these kids have been asked to draw any object and discover the Maths concept buried in their drawing. Somebody found the area of a rectangle!


4.20PM: Yay! Our first NumberNagar (NN) pre-launch event has started at Jaaga on Double Road. Today’s NN element is the Nagar Map.

How was Bangalore built? How is it growing?  Do you want to learn some cool Maths concepts from the stories of Namma Bengaluru? Get the Nagar Map. Especially for kids aged 7 – 14.

And here is the visual evidence!



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