Time Tree and Nagar Map @ Visvesvarya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore

We really tried to keep up with the high energy at VITM but our dongles acted up. So we are just able to get into office now after the event and sharing what we did, saw, heard, listened to, felt and enjoyed.

The director of VITM, Mr Shivaprsad Khened came down to have a peak around and chatted with Anu (Anupama Prakash – our Communications President).

Many students came to our blogging desk to share their thoughts, learnings and discovery. So we thought we will use their stories to give you an idea of how things went.

First there were Raksha and Tanuja from Shantiniketan Educational Institute who worked with the Universal Calendar (a component of Time Tree). They knew their birth dates and using a string of calculations, they got to know the particular days on which their birth dates fell in the years they were born. We were then joined by Nirmala who teaches Maths to 10th students at the same school. She also observed the activities happening around the Universal Calendar and said she didn’t catch the name of the element she was engaging with due to the noise 🙂 We are happy that Varun from 8th std however got the name of Time Tree. Let’s also hear what Shreya from Jnanodaya School had to say about Time Tree: After working on the Universal Calendar to calculate and find that she was born a Monday and watching the Pythagorean canopy under which she was standing, she said something very interesting: It is like the Gurukula system where you study under a tree. That’s quite a thought, Shreya. Thank you! And Shreya also gave us another gem: After working with Time Tree and Nagar Map, I just realised that I wake up and go to sleep with Maths around me. Sriraksha from 10th std from the same school wants Time Tree to be there in her school for her juniors. Gokul from Presidency School thought Universal Calendar was like a calculator. Wow. Some really wonderful observations there.

Let’s go to the Nagar Map now: Jahnavi spent time with as many as hundred kids (in small batches of course) to introduce the many ways a city can be viewed when we start drawing it on a map. She encouraged the kids to observe the maths concepts embedded in every nook and corner of a city. She found that everybody at first identified the signages (using maths components) marking the Nagar Map. Older students then went on to identify symmetry patterns and special numbers embedded in the map. Tejas of Jnanodaya School (10th std) was a quite a bright observer. He identified the Ramanujan’s number in the license plate of an autorickshaw – he studied about Ramanujan’s number in the 7th std – and correctly said that the family tree in Nagar Map is similar to a factor tree. He recognised who Euclid, Archimedes and Pythagoras were and explained their place in Maths for us. When it came to Gauss, he said he’d heard of the name but couldn’t place the concept related to him.

Coming to a small activity that Manoj did, Naveen (10th std) of Jnanodaya School was asked to join 9 dots using only 4 lines. Naveen was quite enthused with this puzzle which he indeed solved and said it helped him think out of the box. He told us this: Every time I think of the letter ‘z’ I only think of zebra but that’s quite a limited way of thinking. I need to be able to think of various things.

Another student Nikhil (9th std) from Presidency School chipped in that Nagar Map and Time Tree will make the students ‘brainiacs’.

10.10 AM: Our second event is here, we are setting up and it is a wonderful madness. On our card is the Time Tree and Nagar Map. Before we get into the event, why don’t you watch the making of our NumberNagar Anthem? Acclaimed slide guitarist and performer, Prakash Sontakke and his team of wonderful artists created this anthem: Super lyrics and Kannada rap by Kaverappa Raghavendra, amazing rock vocals and harmonies by Bruce Lee Mani, Chorus and VoiceOver by Riccha Paul , wonderful Chops by Varun Pradeep, and amazing sound by Hema Suvarna. Brijesh Tanna shot and edited this video for us. Thank you all !


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