Mathematicians’ Wall with Anupama Prakash, Sriraghavan S M and Pavan Kumar P With magnets, masks and cards, share the histories of awesome mathematicians. Location: Atta Galatta

We’ve all learned the Pythagoras Theorem, Archimedes’ Principle and  Fibonacci series in school, but how many of these mathematicians can we recognize or imagine? And how much do we know about them? NumberNagar is at Atta Galatta in Koramangala today with the Mathematicians History Wall!The kids Akul, Dhruv and Ravi had a blast with matching the mathematicians faces on to the mathematicians on the wall.

IMG_5681_1 IMG_5683_1 IMG_5691_1
The kids were probed to recollect their journey from home to school; trying to recreate it on the cora cloth using crayons. Suggestions were provided to guess the various patterns and shapes that they would encounter on their way.





The kids and parents explored the concept of probability through a game of sets by pairing up the names of various mathematicians to create a set of 3 mathematicians with 6 cards, thus having 2 cards each per mathematician. This involved the kids and accompanying adults to constantly barter cards until they got the mathematician they were looking for.

IMG_5701_1 IMG_5703_1 IMG_5705_1 IMG_5709_1 IMG_5713_1 IMG_5716_1

The next event for the day was the reiteration of the introduction to the various mathematicians as a part of our specially designed postcards for kids to know a little more about the great mathematicians apart from their technical discoveries and inventions. The postcards provide some insight about the mathematicians’ other interests and life stories.







After reiterating the information on the postcards verbally, the next round of fun was to enact the mathematicians imagining how they would have spoken or conducted themselves.







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