Pi Pillar and Probability Board with Ravi Shankar R, Anupama Prakash, Sriraghavan S M and Pavan Kumar P at British Library

British Library warmly lets us in with our Pi Pillar and the Probability Board. Just as we are entering, we see two curious young boys wondering if the two props would get through the security check and follow us right into the workshop space.

Darryl and Neil from FAPS are the young boys who have followed us. Quickly introducing ourselves, we took them to our artist corner where they were asked to put down everything that they saw in circles in the space and also to jog their memory back from home and school…. Trees with round fruits, sign boards, steering wheels, logo of  VIT museum were a few to name. Boys as they are, they missed many things within the room:-;

IMG_5825_1 IMG_5835_1

Probability Board caught their attention. Rushing towards it, Raghav probed them to go through all the situational discs and rate them as most likely, likely or least likely to happen with them. Surprisingly the brothers had stark differences in their ratings. This suggested their intuitive grasp of  the mathematical concept of probability.



We had Shruthi, an intern from The Hindu who came to chat with the team. She was really surprised to see that maths could ever be approached in such an artistic way. She walked straight to the Pi Pillar explored its possibilities, chatted with Manoj on how to approach it for the benefit of the child. A detailed discussion led her to Raghav and explored an activity with the  probability board and left assuredly that math learning has definitely taken a right turn!


Pavan grabbed the attention of two library visitors- Nitin and Sunil. The curious visitors wanted to know what this rush was for. Ever since their chat with Pavan, they have not left the space. They have been spending quality time with every single element in the workshop space…..


Lovely ladies- Joyce, Menaka and Shivani from India Foundation for the Arts add color to our canvas as they do similar exercises as Darryl and Neil at the start of the workshop. Just as I ask the ladies what they did through the workshop….. they give me a spiel of the cylinder that stood in the hall. Shivani says all her lost math lessons were coming back and will continue to haunt her through the night. Of course, jokingly! Joyce pointed at the probability board and said…. “I like that board!” That was one thing that had a lot of similarities between the three of us….. things like: Forgetting mobiles to work, forgetting dabbas to office and the local dog ‘Ranga’ jumping on us.” Clearly, they left learning that these instances are the most probable events for them.  We asked them…. to give us a line about their experience…. Joyce says…. ‘she has to see NumberNagar at Basavanagudi, Menaka says…”Experiencing math was fun” and Shivani says…..”It’s a great way for people to get over their fear of math including adults”…..Pavan adds….. ” it is more relevant to adults and giggles:-)


Just as all good things have to come to an end, British Library attendants remind us of their closing time and pressing us to say good bye to our visitors…. All our lovely visitors…. apologies for having wound up in a hurry… FYI, we don’t say good bye….. all we say is…. meet you soon at GI/MMB on the 15th Dec.


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