NumberNagar – Press Release

We had the press release of NumberNagar today at Freedom Park. The meet was well attended by representatives from print and visual media – DNA, TV 21, Janashree, Ee TV, Prajavani among others.

A dynamic prototype of NumberNagar was installed in the indoor auditorium of Freedom Park, for the press meet.



Addressing the press were Ravi Shankar, Anupama, Pavan from the BrainSTARS team and Meeta Jain, our space designer from Mapbee.


Ravi took the media persons through NumberNagar and explained the different elements that make up the space and how these elements connect to everyday life.

IMG_6193 IMG_6195

Anupama, on the other hand led them through the entire aesthetics of the space and shared the need of collective wisdom on everyday lived experiences to impart maths and to approach the subject in a multi-disciplinary manner.


The press meet concluded the official launch of NumberNagar through Galata221212, a four-day maths festival that starts on 23 Dec 12, Sunday.

The day ended with hope to gain momentum of the public to feel the need to come and visit NumberNagar. We look forward for an enthusiastic crowd to share  their thoughts to better the work that we do at BrainSTARS.



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