NumberNagar – Inauguration

The evening of 22 Dec 12 was a heart warming occasion for team BrainSTARS, that included the inauguration of NumberNagar. We had planned the celebratory evening to be an intimate gathering of family and friends in the education fraternity to share NumberNagar with them.

In response to Dr.Manmohan Singh declaring this year as the, “Mathematical Year” to celebrate 125th birth anniversary of renowned mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan, launching NumberNagar on the day seemed most appropriate to pay tribute and make a contribution to the discourse of new age maths facilitation.


Anupama addressed the audience with a brief introduction about BrainSTARS and NumberNagar.



Introduction was followed by lighting of the lamp by children invited from the audience. Aparna was one of the five enthusiastic childen who declared the Galata221212 open alongside officially launching NumberNagar


followed by little Anvi,




and Anurag.

We had all the little ones gather together for a photograph.


The lamp lighting was followed by a musical journey led by renowned slide guitarist, Prakash Sontakke and his team.


The concert was a treat of fusion music that enthralled the audience and left them wanting for more.


Prakash made the concert all the more interesting by enumerating that mathematics is inherently hidden in music and musicians are learning and practising mathematics even without their knowledge. The team also played a number that had a mathematical theme and challenged the audience to figure out the math themselves.

The concert ended with the team’s young member, Anurag Sontakke singing the NumberNagar theme song along with lyricist Kaveri.


The gathering then disbanded for dinner and some interested patrons were led through a guided tour of NumberNagar by our team members.

Here we have Anupama taking a group of interested patrons through the cubes and mudras.


Pavan explains our cubes and clocks to a couple of interested gentlemen.


Here, we have Prakruthi explaining the story of zero to the parents of Vijayashree, one of our team members. They were excited to know about the work their daughter was doing at BrainSTARS.


As we wind up for the night, the team is excited and geared up for the four days of festivities to follow. We hope to make it accessible to as many as possible to spread the spirit and joy of our creation- NumberNagar.


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