GALATA 221212 – Maths aadi, Maath aadi – Day 3

6:45 pm – As we wind up for the day, our enthusiastic team continues to engage the random visitors peeping in with the same energy that they had at the start of the day. We sign off with cheers to our entire team and hope to keep the energy high for the last day of the festival tomorrow.

6:15 pm – We have reached the last moments of today’s event.

X standard students from Achieve Academy leave us a parting gift. A creative rendering of NumberNagar.


Few of our students collaborated with Vasudev, our arts expert to create a new game of Math Musical Chair. They ran around the canvas when music was on and when music stopped, they would continue the design at the corner they have stopped at. At the end of the game, the team created this design using mathematical shapes. We can see that they have indeed gone crazy with paint.

IMG_7299 IMG_7307

We also had Nayan create a landscape with mathematical shapes.


Another maths landscape.


A group of our students exploring the Pythagorean canopy with Manoj.


Anupama, Raghu and Vatsa stop to chat with Pavan of Achieve Academy. The chat turned into an intellectual discussion about school management and different perspectives of educators on similar issues.


Pavan leads our almost final trickle of visitors through the space.

IMG_7416 IMG_7338

4:00 pm – Santa is here again spreading cheer around.


Here is Ravi manning the info desk and he has found a student who won three green stars to match her green shirt. What a happy coincidence!


We have more designs created with blocks. The display is getting more populated with creative designs.


X std students from Achieve Academy chose to spend their Christmas with us at Galaata 221212. Raghu is taking them through the situations in the probability board. True to form, the students who are focused on the board exams had a few suggestions of their own. They wanted to add the probability of scoring a certain percentage in their exams, to our probability board.


Continuing with media coverage, we had Kasturi news interviewing Pavan.


They also interviewed one of our young visitors Hrithvik about his experience at Galaata 221212. He had this to say, ” From my childhood, I’ve found maths difficult. I’ve tried to overcome this difficulty in many ways. Taking help from teachers and parents helped a little. Coming here to NumberNagar, my understanding is complete.” Thank you Hrithvik for your testimonial. We hope to influence more students such as yourself to overcome their difficulties in Mathematics.


Here we have Raghu leading the last full house batch through the introduction to NumberNagar.


2:50 pm – We have a new addition to our group today. Ho! Ho! Ho! Welcome Santa Claus to Galaata 221212. Santa is mingling with the visitors and handing out stars and kites to kids.


We have a young girl taking up the challenge of “water matters”. She has to pass the ball from glass to glass (which are filled with water) without spilling water. Here she is keenly engaged in this game.



What we have here is a family engaged in creating a “Math Mandala”. It certainly seems to be a team effort for them here.


We have moved the “Thread art” to the shaded area with Savitha leading a group in creating designs with wool.


We have introduced a new game today. The challenge here is to use designed wooden blocks and pieces of potato to create mathematical shapes. We have our young friends having a blast creating these designs. There’s also a display of the finished designs.

IMG_7188 IMG_7165

IMG_7154 IMG_7201 IMG_7199 IMG_7198

NumberNagar has something for everyone. We saw toddlers also having their share of fun with NumberNagar today.

Here’s 2 1/2 year old Aditi engrossed in our clocks, asking curious questions non stop to her aunt.


We also have little Atharva enjoying his time climbing in and out of our cubes.


12:30 pm – We have kicked off day 3 of Galaata 221212 an hour ago. We have had a steady stream of visitors since then.

In the activity courtyard, our young friends are enjoying a snake and ladder game using modified mathematical dice.


Manoj is explaining the pi pillar to an enthusiastic audience, that includes renowned Kannada movie director Sunil Kumar Desai and his children.


We have gathered a group of visitors together to give them a brief introduction to NumberNagar before they go in and experience the space. Here is Raghu taking them through the introduction.


The first batch of visitors is now playing with the Nagar Map puzzle.



Another set of visitors engaged in playing a modified tic tac toe with our cubes.



In the meanwhile, media representatives from Janashree TV interviewed Pavan.



Janashree also spoke to one of our visitors, Rashmi. Rashmi and her family are based in Munich and are in Bangalore for the holidays. Here she is explaining to Janashree how the tag line “Maths aadi, Maath aadi” impressed her and motivated her to come visit Galaata 221212.



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