GALATA 221212 – Maths aadi, Maath aadi – Day 4

4:14 pm- Raghu tirelessly takes the last group of the audience through a detailed tour of NumberNagar. Education consultants, school management and a principal with a small group of students played our last game of probability.

3:30 pm – Just as we start preparing to pack up, we have a curious group of protesters from the rally next door who thought Galata221212 was more worthy of time than walking all the way to Vidhana Soudha:-) They went through NumberNagar in full detail.

Our dear group of volunteers with NumberNagar signature kites.


We have our friends Mahima and Brinda unwinding after an activity filled day.


Mr. Narasimha Murthy and family created A^2 with coloured paper cups.


2:00 pm –

KLE boys wind down their activity packed day by flying kites.

IMG_7623 IMG_7622

We have our friends trying the might of their breath against water.


Mr. Narendra Kumar and his family are engaged in working on the Math Mandala. We have three generations working with Mathematics at Galaata 221212.


Girls from KLE Education Society working on the paper cup art work.


1:00 pm –

We have students from KLE Education Society, Rajajinagar visiting us today.

Here they are eagerly lined up to enter the activity area.

IMG_7512 IMG_7511

Here is Anu taking the girls of KLE through an introduction to NumberNagar.


In the meanwhile, the KLE boys have been checking out the activities in the courtyard. Here’s three of them who cracked the Soma puzzle and won their stars.


Steady stream of visitors has kind filled up NumberNagar for now.


12:20 pm –

Raghu in conversation with Arvind  to help him with tables of 9. Arvind says that he always found tables of 9 difficult and now he is leaving NumberNagar with a smile on his face because he was able to conquer one of his difficulties.


Moik and Tushaar are working with Deepa to solve the puzzles on the dice of Snake and Ladder.


We are happy that the festival has engaged young and old alike. It reinforces our belief that learning is timeless and ageless. We have here two ladies that are extremely interested in the thread art activity.


An elderly gentleman who has been visiting us from the past two days is engrossed in conversation with Janhavi about our Infinity Kit.


We have John Napier and Leonardo Da Vinci sharing their stories with the students of Silicon City Public School.


11:50 am –

Little Greesha has won her first star of the day in the Snake and Ladder game.


Diva has finished her Math Mandala.


Tushaar and Pranav’s collaborative efforts to solve the Sudoku puzzle.


11:40 am – The activities in the courtyard are picking up steam with the visitors.

We have Moik and Diva working on the Math Mandala.


Here’s Tushaar scratching his head over the Soma puzzle.


11:15 am – We have just now kicked off our last day of festivities of Galaata 221212. The first set of students from Silicon City Public School are taking a tour of NumberNagar.




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