BrainSTARS – July 2013 Calendar

July Calender - 2013

We hope you enjoyed our June calendar. It was dedicated to our country’s women scientists and gave a heads up about a unique book titled Lilavati’s Daughters – The Women Scientists of India. If you still want to keep our inaugural edition as a keepsake, you can download it from here:

Continuing with our idea of keeping Science and Maths as our daily inspiration and source of wonder, we look at the numbers thrown up by the water situation of Bangalore – the city that’s inspired us with our NumberNagar. Can numbers help us understand how we are using, losing or managing water? We think so!

At BrainSTARS, we work closely with young designers and artists to create wonderful stuff for you. This new series of calendars is conceived by our team and designed by Lady Fingers and Headless Hippies. We hope you like it.

Or you can follow these simple instructions to set it up as your desktop calendar.

For Mac users:

Open the image, click on “View” next to the attachment
Image opens in new tab, right click on the image
Select “Set as Desktop Background”

For PC users:

Open the image, right click, click on ‘save image as..’
 Save the file. 
Right Click on the file and “Set as Desktop Background”

Share it, tweet it, download it. It is for free!


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