FRO 2013 – The National Franchise, Retail & SME Show – Day 1

6:20 pm –

We are closing day 1 with weary feet and aching jaws. However the euphoria of pulling off an event of this scale and nature is evident on everyone’s face.


We have had a day of brilliant learning. We have understood the requirements of franchise aspirants, have met people from different parts of Karnataka and India; we have also bumped into some acquaintances and friends. Some of us who are more used to talking about Science and Maths have had a glimpse into the world of business conversations.

Most visitors were attracted to our elegant yellow colour scheme, creatively done leaflets and interesting video stream.

The team is happy and gratified to receive lots of appreciation and admiration for NumberNagar. We have also had an enjoyable experience with all team members equally involved in making our stall bustling with activity.

Ravi, our CEO expressed his experience of today’s event in one line “NumberNagar is the hottest property of FRO 2013”.

On this positive note, we wind up for today.

A note of thanks:

  • To FRO 2013 for the wonderful opportunity and the comfortable arrangements; special thanks to the coordinators who helped us set up our stall early this morning
  • To our very own Vibin and team at Headless Hippies for the amazing designs of all our communication material – the flex banner, the 3D leaflets and amazing badges.
  • To Arrow Digital prints for printing our flex banner
  • To Omsri Printers for making our badges
  • To Fast Print Junction and Sri Sai Graphics for printing our leaflets

All of the above were most patient and cooperative to get things done on time even though we gave them a very short notice. For this we are eternally grateful.

4:30 pm – We have been engaging a constantly trickling stream of visitors for the last one hour.

All our team members are continuously conversing. The mood has lightened up a little as we have gained a level of comfort with the stall, the crowd and our conversations.

One Mr. Ravi was quite camera shy when he learned that we don’t intend to publish his photo in a magazine.

FRO 2013 coordinators have been milling around, taking stock and offering assistance. They are also stopping by to talk about and understand NumberNagar.

3:00 pm – The stream of visitors has slightly thinned during lunch hour.

We had Mr. Pankaj Sharma who had a deep conversation with Ravi and is interested in taking up NumberNagar at Jayanagar 9th block.

The Srinivas duo from Bellary were quite excited about the prospect of taking NumberNagar to Bellary.

We also had our first young visitor who showed interest in our 3D leaflets and our cool badges.


1:30 pm – We have clocked about 30 to 35 visitors until now.

Mr. Karthik from Mysore is very interested in our concept and is keen to visit our centre in Basavanagudi to get a better understanding.


Mr. Prasad was more keen on the mathematical significance of the concepts in NumberNagar.

Manoj spoke to Mr. Pratik who wants to explore franchise options in Hubli.

Ravi had an interesting conversation with an entrepreneur Ms. Asha who is encouraging her cousin Ms. Bharathi to take the plunge into the Franchise world. Ms. Bharathi expressed her interest in Education as the industry she wants to be involved in. We wish her the best.

Janhavi had an involved discussion with Mr. Dilip who was very interested to understand a student’s journey from the classroom to NumberNagar and the facilitation process.

12:00 noon – After a series of technical glitches, we have started live blogging from the event location, NIMHANS convention centre.

BrainSTARS has taken a leap into the retail world. We’re participating in FRO 2013 in our very first exposure into the Franchise world.

Our stall has been open for the last two hours and we have had a steady stream of visitors.

Here is the team at our stall geared up for the day ahead.


Our first visitor of the day, Mr. Amith gave a good start to the day with his kind appreciation of our concept which he found standing out in comparison with all the others he had visited.



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