FRO 2013 – The National Franchise, Retail & SME Show – Day 2

6:20 pm

We are right now shutting down shop after an intense two day exercise at FRO 2013. Day 2 has seen more footfall and visitors are still trickling in after closing time.

We have had close to 80 visitors today. It has been a great learning experience and we hope to see positive fruits of this exercise.

Again, we would like to thank all the people who have made this happen.

  • To FRO 2013 for the wonderful opportunity and the comfortable arrangements
  • To our very own Vibin and team at Headless Hippies for the amazing designs of all our communication material – the flex banner, the 3D leaflets and amazing badges.
  • To Arrow Digital prints for printing our flex banner
  • To Omsri Printers for making our badges
  • To Fast Print Junction and Sri Sai Graphics for printing our leaflets

Now, Delhi is calling for the next show on 19 & 20 Oct 2013…

4:30 pm

Vineet spoke a budding entrepreneur who is currently doing MBA and scouring for viable business opportunities.


We had young Jayanth and his dad Rajan pose in our stall for us. Mr. Rajan is interested in setting up NumberNagar in Sarjapur Road. Jayanth was very excited to wear our badge.


Ravi spoke to a young couple from Electronic City who want to set up NumberNagar in their own home.


4:00 pm

A diverse group of visitors from different parts of India and beyond have stopped by to talk to us.

Ravi is speaking to interested patrons from Gujarat.


Raghu spoke to a gentleman who wants to take NumberNagar to Chennai


We also had a visitor from faraway Thailand.


Two professors from Madhya Pradesh had a long conversation with Raghu about NumberNagar and its relevance in their long teaching experience.


Te brother-sister duo, Sushma and Sudhindra are keen to take NumberNagar to schools.


2:00 pm

We have had quite a few visitors today from the IT fraternity interested in alternate careers.

Here is Veena explaining our concept to Mr. Bala. Veena has been tirelessly talking since yesterday to numerous visitors.


Mr. Bala is a friend of one of our partners, Mr. Dipankar Khanna and was very interested in understanding NumberNagar. It is a small world, indeed!

1:30 pm

We are happy to have our stall constantly surrounded by a crowd.



Mr. Yash Kothari, an enthusiastic young entrepreneur, is very interested to take up NumberNagar franchises in Bangalore and Mysore.


Raghu spoke to Mr. Sajeev Kumar who wants to take NumberNagar to some schools in Kerala.


Here, Vatsa is explaining to a group of visitors the connect between mathematical concepts and real life situations using our pi pillar.


Ms. Anitha had quite an involved conversation with Veena and Ravi about the nitty gritties of the franchise model.


12:00 noon

The visitors are arriving more in numbers now.

Here’s Mr. Sukumar and family having a conversation with Raghu.


We also had our investors, Satya and Bharathi catching up with Ravi on our presence here and the progress NumberNagar has made in the last few months.


The video-stream that’s running on loop has proved extremely handy in showing NumberNagar in action. Jasmeet explains to a visitor, our way of learning Maths.


10:40 am

We have started day 2 of the event in a relaxed atmosphere.

We have had 2 visitors since we opened our stall half an hour ago.

Mr. Srikanth has made our day with his appreciation of the imaginative concept of NumberNagar. He said NumberNagar’s value as a product is much more than a business venture alone. Thank you Sir, for your kind words.


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