BrainSTARS February 2015 Calendar


28 February, each year is celebrated as National Science Day in India. The theme published for this year’s celebration is “Science for Nation Building”.

A nation’s “building” at the ground level lies in the hands of its citizens and any “building” requires basic awareness. The February calendar is focused on creating awareness about the time it takes for various kinds of garbage to completely decompose in the environment. It is an eye-opening experience to look at the long-standing “garbage footprint” we leave behind by using seemingly innocuous everyday materials.

We hope the calendar encourages everyone to reflect on what is thrown away and consciously make an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. A greater awareness and practice in this direction will lead us to a true “Swacch Bharath”.

The information presented in the calendar was collated from the following sources:

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Image opens in new tab, right click on the image
Select “Set as Desktop Background”

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Save the file
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