BrainSTARS March 2015 Calendar


Why does Light matter? Light matters because it is the primary source of all energy on Earth. Right from enabling the production of food – a basic need, to making possible intellectual exploration of the universe through evolved technology – an advanced need.


The United Nations has declared the year 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies.The March calendar takes a glimpse at the core of the Sun that is the origin of sunlight and the most basic process on earth that is made possible by sunlight – photosynthesis. The calendar also marks Einstein’s birthday on the 14th. 2015 marks the centenary of Einstein’s documentation of the famous field equations of General Relativity.

We hope our calendar sheds light on the significance of light that makes all life possible on Earth. Follow these simple instructions to set it up as your desktop calendar:

For Mac users:

Open the image, click on “View” next to the attachment
Image opens in new tab, right click on the image
Select “Set as Desktop Background”

For PC users:

Open the image, right click, click on ‘save image as..’
Save the file
Right Click on the file and “Set as Desktop Background”

Share it, tweet it, download it. It is for free!!


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