BrainSTARS May 2015 Calendar


The journey with NumberNagar is close to completing 2.5 years and it is indeed a great pleasure to reflect on the significant positive impact it has created in students’ learning experiences. Learning in NumberNagar has enabled students to get rid of their phobia of Mathematics and appreciate the subject for the connections and relevance it has to everyday life experiences.

The May 2015 calendar is a tribute to NumberNagar and the joy of learning Maths. We take great pride in sharing that a research paper detailing the methodology of learning in NumberNagar is being presented at EduFest 2015 – the 2nd international conference for school leaders at IIT Madras during 15th & 16th May 2015.

We celebrate the journey so far and look forward to the promising path ahead.

Follow these simple instructions to set it up as your desktop calendar:

For Mac users:
Open the image, click on “View” next to the attachment
Image opens in new tab, right click on the image
Select “Set as Desktop Background”

For PC users:
Open the image, right click, click on ‘save image as..’
Save the file
Right Click on the file and “Set as Desktop Background”



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