BrainSTARS June 2015 Calendar



Did you know that the simple act of eating food and using it follows the First Law of Thermodynamics? The First Law of Thermodynamics articulates conservation of energy in terms of energy neither being created nor destroyed, only changing from one form to another. The energy contained in the food we consume (measured in calories) is either burned (used up for various activities) or stored (mostly in the form of fat).

The June 2015 calendar features Kudums at the Calorie Cafe and takes a look at the energy contained in various kinds of food we eat. We hope to spread awareness amongst parents and children and inspire them to be more conscious about their choice of food.

We also wish schools, teachers and students all the best for a successful academic year ahead.

Follow these simple instructions to set it up as your desktop calendar:

For Mac users:
Open the image, click on “View” next to the attachment
Image opens in new tab, right click on the image
Select “Set as Desktop Background”

For PC users:
Open the image, right click, click on ‘save image as..’
Save the file
Right Click on the file and “Set as Desktop Background”


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