BrainSTARS July 2015 calendar


BrainSTARS_July2015_Calendar (1)

Bioluminescence is one of the spectacular phenomena found in Nature. It is the phenomenon where light is produced within a living organism. This phenomenon is more common in the marine world. Bioluminescence is used by organisms for various purposes – defence, attracting mates, spore dispersal and predation. The light produced due to bioluminescence is considered “cold light” because less than 20% of the light generates heat.

The July 2015 calendar features Kudums exploring the underwater world, which is abundant with bioluminescent organisms. Angler Fish and Jellyfish are represented as a sample of the myriad underwater species that exhibit bioluminescence. Also featured are a Mushroom and the well-known firefly. Awe-inspiring Mother Nature is a constant source of motivation for researchers and scientists. 

Follow these simple instructions to set it up as your desktop calendar

For Mac users:
Open the image, click on “View” next to the attachment
Image opens in new tab, right click on the image
Select “Set as Desktop Background”

For PC users:
Open the image, right click, click on ‘save image as..’
Save the file
Right Click on the file and “Set as Desktop Background”


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