Paper Play @ NumberNagar


Have you ever thought it possible, that just the simple act of kids sitting in one place and folding paper pensively can later result in them jumping with joy and running around testing their creation with high enthusiasm?

Yes, it is possible! This transformation was worth watching at NumberNagar centre this last Sunday. It was astounding to see a humble piece of paper turn into a toy, an artistic masterpiece, and a teaching aid for maths, in the magical hands of Mr V.S.S. Sastry.

We were honoured to have Mr. Sastry – a brilliant and acclaimed Origami and Kirigami artist at our centre. Mr. Sastry is a banker by profession, more than that he is a highly passionate Maths and Science communicator, painter, cartoonist, ornithologist, avid fossil-collector, amateur astronomer and the list goes on. He has earned an entry in the Limca Book of Records in the year 2012, for creating a 67 inch paper model of a rocket. He has mastered the art of mesmerising children with his exquisite work.IMG_3077

The workshop lasted for 2 hours during which children got an opportunity to get a glimpse of the beauty of Origami and its role in understanding Maths and vice versa.

Mr Sastry adopted self- discovery and play as the approach to teach Origami and Maths. He created a tumbling toy and let the children play with it, and discover the folding for themselves. Later he taught them to make one themselves. Kids got to make Reeves floater which they tested outside in the open air.


Unlike every other Origami workshop that most people conduct, this was unique. It was more dynamic experimentation and exploration of one’s creation. Kids learnt to tweak their toys to make them move faster and better. The joy on the kids’ faces was priceless.

The programme concluded with the making of the final masterpiece – a “Frisbee”. Interestingly, Mr Sastry tactfully weaved Maths into the construction of Frisbee. It was a Heptagon (a 7 sided polygon) which functioned perfectly as a Frisbee. Both parents and children had fun making and playing with it.

Overall the event was a grand success with active participation from both children and parents alike. Kids left the centre carrying their work of art with a sense of accomplishment.

-Aruna C., Head – Communications , BrainSTARS




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