“O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

As the cold winter comes to an end, the immortal words of P. B. Shelly comes to my mind – “O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”, and indeed the spring is right around the corner now that winter is about to pass.

For many, Spring reminds them of the hope that it brings along, a vague feeling of longer and warmer days, a feeling of grace as the sun shines on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine, it’s a reminder of the April showers which brings the May flowers. But to me spring has always represented the power of transformation. The power of a bud to bloom, the power of plants to flaunt new leaves, or just the pure power of people to do miraculous things.

Without any doubt, Spring is the time for joy and happiness, ask the budding flowers or the tweeting birds, I am pretty sure they will concur. But ask your average teenager, what Spring means to them and they will give you different story altogether. A story of sleepless nights (except the exceptional), nervous days (except the carefree). A story of lots of studying and a lot less, of fun. No matter what, all students will be going through some kind of turmoil. Yes, this is not a good time to be a student or their parents. But I would like to remind all that no winter lasts forever and no spring skips its turn.

I can confidently tell that the students who have spent their journey of academics with us, at NumberNagar, will have an easier time than the rest. The confidence might be a bold statement, but once you have seen what I have seen, you would totally agree with me. I have seen my students sit and slog for two hours straight to solve a problem, I have seen them running up and down the groups and across the periods, I have seen them jump through dimensions to remember all the dimensions (this for the inner geek in me), I have seen them go through an entire textbook in a day!

From struggling learners to superb independent learner, from timid students to confident young adults, from good students to great students, each story, a journey worthy of an entire blog.

For us at NumberNagar this is the time for relief as we dust our hands with relief, on a job well done. From the time, they stepped into NumberNagar, to now, I have seen an amazing transformation in them, this to me is the best part of the Spring!

With this in mind, I wish all my students a very best of luck.

-Rishyashringa J. S., Project Leader, BRAINSTARS

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