Realistic Learning Makes Math Fun

Searching for a topic to write this blog was like a wild cat hunt. With the focus on maths the themes ranged from computation, time, patterns, fractions and so on and so forth. In the pursuit of a suitable idea, I came across a quote that really signifies the hand of God. The quote by none other than the Father of Geometry, Euclid, a Greek mathematician and philosopher goes like this, “The laws of nature are the mathematical thoughts of God” .

Nature by itself is majestic, charming and beautiful. But, underlying the beauty of nature is the vast concept of maths. Maths is the universal language of our environment, helping man to relate himself to the surroundings. Right from playing games to understanding music, maths helps students develop their logical thinking ability and creativity to achieve their dreams.

Many students consider Maths their worst nightmare as they struggle to solve a some high school maths problems. However later in life they realize that it is the underlying skills of high school maths that often resurfaces to help solve various real life problems. Realistic application of maths concepts in the class can help our children understand the impact and use of numbers and its laws in daily life. For example

  • A simple estimation the quantity of shampoo required for a month to wash their hair involves the concept of measurement.
  • Shopping things within the budget includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, percentage, estimation, profit and loss
  • Cooking their favorite dish involves concepts of proportions, fractions, probability, conversion of weights, reading a recipe, calculating time
  • Construction of their dream home, designing their desired car, planning a holiday calls for maths in many ways,
  • Fashion designing involves measurement, geometry, estimation, budgeting

Children find such situations authentic and can be thus encouraged to approach maths problems with interest and passion. It becomes imperative for us teachers to personalise learning by connecting mathematics with the children’s day to day life. This ensures their presence mentally and not just physically during the class. This way we inspire them to love learning.

– Thasneem Iqbal, Teacher, Sri Seshaas International Public School

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