The Organisation

BrainSTARS is an organisation dedicated to fostering and nurturing the movement of Science Education inIndia. We act as the bridge between the formal education sector and innovative educational research. We continuously study the demands and conditions of contemporary science education in five environments – school, college, professional science education, community science literacy and government policies. Based on our study, we create educational programmes, services and tools that significantly address and fulfill the science education challenges in any environment.


In 2001, a group of young scientists inBangaloremet every Saturday to discuss, debate and change the way science was taught in schools and colleges. It also wanted to transform the way science was perceived by the community and dreamt of creating a Science City where science could inspire and engage people from all walks, and open them to a different world of seeing and thinking.

In 2004, the same group approached various educational institutes with ideas and plans to improve the quality of science education inIndia. They were rejected on the ground that they were over-qualified for the education sector.

The rejection pushed the group to go ahead and form a company that would be solely dedicated to transforming science education inIndia. Serious about the changes they were talking about, the group created Brains for Science and Technology Aided Reforms in Society – in short, BrainSTARS.

BrainSTARS now enjoy leadership in the field of fostering and nurturing science education inIndia. A diverse team of scientists, educationists, educators, technocrats and psychologists is involved in the research, development and implementation of our various programmes.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To be a social enterprise, which is a household name for innovative concept learning in Science, Maths and Skills education, by 2020.

MissionTo research, design, develop, implement and support path-breaking learning experiences in Science, Maths and Skills education in India.

BrainSTARS is committed to the development of multiple intelligences in a child. The team strives to excite a child’s interest in science and encourages learning by inquiry, rather than instruction alone.

We research the challenges and gaps in science education inIndia. We develop research-based educational content, methods, programmes, services and tools. We implement our innovations to promote Creative Learning and Effective Education in schools, colleges, professional science education and community science literacy. We aim to use our evaluations of the field to effect changes in government policies in science education inIndia.

Our Objectives

  • To create path-breaking learning experiences that put the learner at the centre of the process
  • Use research-driven and design-led process that runs a number of tests and uses test feedback to create path-breaking learning experiences
  • Build forward-thinking business opportunities and provide innovative expansion models for visionary entrepreneurship in the field of education
  • Sustain our uncompromising quality and constantly reposition ourselves for growth
  • Stay ahead of the competition by redefining the education field with every programme and product we research, design, develop and implement

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