Happy Parenting

Parenting requires tremendous commitment on our parts and our children are certainly worth it. Even with an understanding of the five messages of positive parenting, being a good parent is not easy. It doesn’t work when we treat children as if they are innocent and good one day and then spank them for being bad... Continue Reading →


Today we often find children with weak hands either due to lower muscle tone or birth defects or they get their fingers engaged by tapping and typing on the electronic gadgets and keyboards. The medical world confirms that their fingers get damaged and become weak by playing continuously on the mobile phones or other such... Continue Reading →

From Darkness to Light…

Subham Karoti Kalyanam, Arogyam Dhana Sampadah,  Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Deepa Jyotir Namostute. ‘ I salute the one who is the lamplight that brings auspiciousness; prosperity, good health, abundance of wealth, and the destruction of the intellect’s enemy– Kama(lust), krodha(anger), lobha(greed), moha(attachment), mada(pride) and matsarya(jealousy)’. As Navaratri, Diwali, Karthikai deepam(festival of lights) are fast approaching, let us... Continue Reading →

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