Galaata 221212

BrainSTARS – Innovation in Education has spent the last eight months developing a unique, hands-on Maths Activity Centre called NumberNagar. We worked with researchers, educationists, pedagogues, artists and space designers. Our vision was to move away from the software-based Maths Lab market and create an extraordinary space with elements that do not intimidate the students but allow them to connect Maths with real life and explore the concepts learnt in school chapters with clarity and enthusiasm.

NN_logoWe are happy to announce that NumberNagar is ready for its big launch in Bangalore. It is designed for visitors of all ages and levels of math ability, but with particular relevance to children in 3 – 8 standards (implementing school curriculum across school boards).

NumberNagar is a contribution to innovative Maths education in our country and to the year 2012 which our Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh has declared as National Mathematical Year.

As part of the NumberNagar launch, we have partnered with significant cultural venues of Bangalore to do a series of pre-launch events from 01 December. This is part of our effort to emphasise the place of Mathematics in the cultural and social life of a city. Our partners are Jaaga Creative, British Library, Atta Galatta, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, 1 Shanthi Road and Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan.

The inauguration of NumberNagar is on 22 December at 7 PM at Freedom Park. The inauguration will be followed by a concert by acclaimed musician and singer Prakash Sontakke and his team.

From 23 – 26 December, we have a series of events at Freedom Park from 11AM – 6PM for students and public to experience the true magic of NumberNagar.

Please visit our BrainSTARS office where a prototype of NumberNagar has been installed. Many students and visitors have created quite a buzz here and we would be extremely delighted to show you around and share how Mathematical concepts are no longer alien creatures but an exciting daily experience for the children.



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  1. Congrats Brain stars. Somehow this new programme had missed my eyes and I just saw it. The idea is quite good. I also understand that this is a way to bring to children’s attention the subject of mathematics in a different way. I would love this forum, instead of, a teacher going through a chapter in a rudimentary monologue. Somewhere in the write up, I saw that children were made aware of the population of Bangalore and also how it was built, so on and so forth.

    Something crossed my mind which could be equally enlightening in a similar way. Children during the early formative years learn mostly by looking at their parents, relatives and friends. During this time, they get used to few of the common social norms which exist around us and usually in many families, the questions from children are not very well addressed. For example, what would parents answer to their child who comes up with the following question, “Why do some people call themselves as brahmins, gowdas or dalits ?” or “why do we celebrate diwali and not christmas ?” and vice versa, or “why do men ask for dowry and not women ?” I have no good answers to these questions either. What I am quite sure is that if we were to teach our children slightly differently like in the number nagar format, then situation would be different. As children grow up, they will approach their life with less prejudice and more rationale. This would have a huge sociocultural impact on the future generations.
    Thank you.


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