A Figment of your Imagination or Reality?​

Mass media entertainment is an ever-growing industry. Name it, as mundane as people going about their daily routines, in front of cameras for a reality show to the extraordinary feats that people have achieved in their lives, anything and everything under the sun, and beyond is now made available to us 24/7, with just a... Continue Reading →


Sacrificing safety at the altar of fashion

The following conversation happens with me more often than I care for. Me: Hey, why aren’t you wearing your helmet? Friend/Cousin/Nephew/Niece/Student: I’m not going to the main road. It’s only a short way, will be back soon. Moreover, there’re no policemen in the route I’m going to take. OR Friend/Cousin/Nephew/Niece/Student: My hairstyle is going to... Continue Reading →

Vanity- The Sequel!

Previously I made a ludicrous claim that humans have an innate tendency to believe in things that don’t exist or to put it in other words - we have evolved to believe in fiction. A Darwinist (yes, it’s an actual term, I am not making it up) believes that behavioral features that are distinct and... Continue Reading →


In the mystic and the unforgiving realm of numbers there exists a number which is known by many but understood by few. Its name might suggest that its very popular among the people of vanity, but the truth couldn’t be more far away from it. For some it’s a holy grail to sell cars, for... Continue Reading →

Is Experiential Learning possible in today’s class rooms?

It is often a question- how much experiential learning is possible in today’s class rooms? Experiential learning as defined by David Kolb, is experiencing, reflecting, improvising and repeating experience till the time learning is complete. For example, learning biking skills takes the courage to try it, reflect on what went wrong, improve the technique and... Continue Reading →

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