29 November 2011

Bal Bhavan,Bangalore

STARS OF NOVEMBER – A Science Carnival is an initiative of BrainSTARS to take science out of the school labs and into our local community, offering people of all ages and interests to experience the excitement and wonder of science. The driving force of this carnival will be high school students of Bangalore. They will manifest the three touchstones of the carnival – Exploration, Imagination and Innovation. They will experiment, develop and create theme-based projects for STARS OF NOVEMBER 2011 through hands-on investigations of their themes.

During the carnival, students will be encouraged to share and discuss their learnings with their peers as well as the local community. The idea behind this engagement is to emphasise the importance of collaboration – how we       need to work together, observe and learn from each other to improve the world around us.

The carnival will be tweeted live to engage the online community as well and generate further and deeper conversations on science education online. All the carnival projects will be documented on the BrainSTARS website to enable easy and fast sharing.

BrainSTARS aims to increase interactions between schools in Bangalore and foster the growth and quality of science education in the city through hands-on projects, discussions and active collaborations.

STARS OF NOVEMBER opens at 10 AM and will close at 4 PM.

Come and join us!

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