Story of KUDUMS


It is the beginning of a new era for BrainSTARS as we renew our commitment to the ideal that every child should get the opportunity to learn and enjoy science and math with zeal, creative rigour and judicious guidance.  In celebration of our new beginning, we redesigned our logo.   In the same vein, we have a mascot for our company.

The mascot is KUDUMS.  She is bright and brainy, conceptual and creative.   We wanted her to represent BrainSTARS’ unique approach of 5 Cs. The 5 Cs are Curiosity, Clarity, Competence, Connectivity and Communication.

Her character exudes all the 5 Cs and she is ever ready to explore the universe around her.

  • She asks many questions; she is Curious.
  • She has accurate descriptions and the right explanations; she has Clarity.
  • She has many explanations and she can apply concepts with ease; she is Competent.
  • She sees similarity amongst dissimilar things; she is good at Connectivity.
  • She comprehends and articulates well and she is crisp and clear in her thoughts and writings; she is excellent in Communication. 


During brainstorming sessions for the mascot of our company, we realised we wanted a personality that personifies, characterises and elaborates our approach of 5 Cs.  Characters that have captured the imagination of the multitude like Asterix, Obelix, Tintin, Calvin (of the ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ fame), and Dennis (of the ‘Dennis the Menace’ fame) were discussed.

During one of these discussions, one of the BrainSTARS’ team members, Anupama Prakash, said “Kudums” and it got stuck in everyone’s mind.  In the local Kannada language, Kudums is a student who is typically a pet of most teachers in the school; scores good marks, is studious and means no trouble to his/her peers.  But s/he is also the butt of jokes for his/her friends who are not so studious.  Such students would be nicknamed Kudmis (plural of Kudums) of the class.  Each class and each section of every school would have their own share of Kudmis.

The team decided to take Kudums out of the classrooms and make her into a mascot for Science and Mathematics, and every creative and fun thing we decide to do to make learning interesting. This has partly to do with our desire to reverse the mocking every Kudums gets from his/her friends and transform the naming.

Our KUDUMS is bright, brainy, fun and creative.



KQ – KUDUMS QUOTIENT – is a score derived from the unique KUDUMS TEST developed and designed by the BrainSTARS team. 


The KUDUMS TEST is designed to help you measure your 5 Cs.




To develop an understanding of any given topic or subject matter, we need to be interested in it. Thus, the first step in the learning stage is to be interested – to have the CURIOSITY. This leads to a lot of questions.  Encouraging children from questioning to develop inquisitiveness for things around us will sustain Curiosity.  These students will develop a habit of inquiry into each topic in-depth. This aptitude for probing makes them look for solutions beyond the immediate surroundings instinctively, fostering innovation and creativity.


To develop a simple explanation to the topics we need to survey the topic in detail, investigate all aspects of the subject, and explore the topics in a novel way.  This helps build CLARITY.  Students will be able to ask lot of relevant questions and ask the questions right.  Children will hence widen the scope of their understanding and develop intuition for the subject topic.


The test of understanding is when we develop the problem solving skills by applying the concepts.  COMPETENCE, then, is a capacity to explore the subject conceptually.  Another feature is the ability to ask the right questions, which is distinct from the ability to ask questions right.  This builds a proficiency in the subject that leads to understand the basic idea and build insight about a subject. It helps distinguish from the problems that relate to the foundations of the subject versus problems in the subject. 


Everyone agrees that it is a rare ability in an individual to solve problems creatively.  Here, there are two possibilities – one, there could be a new solution to the old problem; second, there is a new problem and a unique solution is required for it. Often, spectacular change in understanding or perspective has happened because there has always been a person who poses new questions and challenges himself/herself with new problems.  This is possible when we have developed the skill of CONNECTIVITY.  This is the power to relate one concept to another concept or one idea to another, and see common things even among the dissimilar objects and topics.  The feature of this component is that there are various ways to inquire and probe the same question, highlighting various facets of the problem.


All of us need to comprehend, converse and convey information and knowledge that we understand in different forums.  It is but natural to identify the last C of 5 Cs to COMMUNICATION.  This includes the ability to express our learning and findings in a succinct and lucid manner, either orally or in written form.

The 5 Cs form the bedrock of our daily learning and KUDUMS QUOTIENT will help you find out how your 5 Cs are doing.


How to Interpret your Score


Range of Scores

0 – 0.3

0.3 – 0.7

0.8 – 1.0

Curiosity You need to observe more. Do more relevant observations and you will see a marked improvement very soon. Very good! Continue to make critical observations.
Clarity You are not asking enough questions. Focus on the topics to avoid confusion. You are asking questions and have developed interest in the sciences and mathematics. Continue to ask the right questions. You can follow all arguments that are provided within the context. Good! Make an attempt to always ask the right questions. Emphasis is on logical thinking.
Competence You must avoid jargon and make an attempt to understand. Asking the right questions while keeping the content and timing in mind is a skill in itself.  You are on the path of asking the right questions. You will be able to explain concepts in a given context. Excellent! Keep asking the right questions and you will go a long way.
Connectivity Make an attempt to see relations between different topics and subjects.  You need to pay attention to the applications of concepts. Ability to relate concepts and ideas to the facts and observations are a strength that you have developed sufficiently.  Continue the good practice. Outstanding!  Regular, uninterrupted practice of these skills should make you creative in the fields of sciences and mathematics.
Communication You should read the questions carefully. Ability to clearly comprehend the text is an important skill you have developed. Use this to strengthen your conversation and writing skills. Admirable! You should develop a unique communication style of your own.



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